Tell The Wolves I’m Home – First Review

Good afternoon my little readers and welcome to my first ever review!

I’m super excited to publish this post but also extremely nervous because reviewing and writing is something that’s brand new to me. That being said, you only get better with practice so practice I shall! This first review is a book review, I’ll try to make sure there are no spoilers in here but it’s my first time so I may slip up. If I think anything is classed as spoilers, I’ll make it look different to the actual review so you know to skip straight past it!

Tell The Wolves I’m Home is the debut novel from American writer Carol Rifka Brunt. Set in 1980’s America, it follows the story of a young girl called June Elbus. June is extremely close with her artistic uncle, Finn, who is introduced at the beginning of the book as being ill. By painting a portrait of June and her older sister Greta, Finn manages to spend most Sunday’s with them until his illness unfortunately wins. However, Finn does not stop existing to June. As a mysterious man appears at Finn’s funeral, the questions that June has start to look as if they could be answered.


This book captured me like no other book I’ve read before. I often found myself wanting to put it down but once I did, I wanted to pick it straight back up again. The story progresses in quick chapters, some of which are only a page or two long which I really liked as it makes you feel like you were reading a lot of the book in one sitting. I felt that the characters were well crafted, the story was consistent and for me, the book had a beautiful ending which really brought it altogether.

As much as I loved this book, the story line did become slightly slow and at times, repetitive. After finishing the book, I felt like something was missing – somehow, it didn’t feel complete to me and I’m not sure why. Maybe I wanted more out of the story or the characters, I’m not too sure. I know I would’ve liked to hear more about Greta and their mother as the book only touches briefly on them but I’m aware that the book is focused on June and her relationship with Finn.

This book was actually my first read after taking a year or so off reading because of exams and constant headaches. Overall, I loved this book and would suggest it to anyone who wants to try something new. I was going to rate this book lower than I have but what saved it for me was the incredibly beautiful ending. It was the way that, despite feeling like something was missing, everything seemed to come together and forgiveness and love were given where they were due. For me, that took the book from my original thought of 3* to my new rating of 4* which I think it fully deserves.

So, that’s it from me on this book! My first ever review is done and now I can sit back and find something for my next post. I hope it wasn’t too long winded and hopefully I’ll get better at this writing lark but for now, this is what I have and I really enjoyed writing it. I’m unsure as to how often I will be posting, maybe I’ll try every week or maybe I’ll just do it as and when I find something worth reviewing but I will try my best to make it a regular occurrence!

Until next time,


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