Good morning, I’m back with another book review! This book is definitely different to the one I reviewed previously and I don’t really have a specific genre of book that I’m interested in – if it looks interesting, it’ll be added to my reading list! So expect a lot of random books and an inconsistency of genres to be popping up.


She is pretty and talented – sweet sixteen and never been kissed.
He is seventeen; gorgeous and on the brink of a bright future.
And now they have fallen in love.

But . . .
They are brother and sister.


Forbidden is a romance novel written by Tabitha Suzuma. However, from the description given on the back of the book (shown above), you can tell from the outset that it is not your average romance novel, it’s a romance novel about incest. The book focuses on the characters of Lochan, a bright 17 year old boy who suffers from crippling social anxiety, and his younger sister Maya, a family oriented and outgoing 16 year old. The book uses alternating chapters to show each characters view on what is happening throughout the story and revolves around their secret love and tough home life.

I won’t explain anymore of the book out of fear of ruining the whole thing. I was really excited to read this book as the strange love story sounded like an interesting take on the romance genre, but I found myself more and more disappointed as the book went on. For me, the book got boring and repetitive, constantly going on about the same routine of going to school and looking after their siblings. The secret love spiced the book up a bit once it got going but again, this turned into a repetitive routine. I found the ending was the most exciting part, the last three or four chapters were gripping and the story really picked up but again, I found myself disappointed with the ending which I found incredibly unnecessary and thought that it ruined the whole atmosphere that had been created in the last few chapters.

I don’t want to put this book down altogether though, while repetitive, it had its moments of interest and I made it through the whole book. The characters were well developed, even the ‘background’ characters like the other family members and friends. The whole base of the story was a really good idea and like I said previously, I was really excited to read this book so I found it a shame that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Overall I gave this book 2* because of the lack of interesting story line but luckily, the characters held it together enough to give it the 2* that it was given. I’m definitely glad I borrowed this book from the library rather than buying it.

I know this review sounds harsh but it’s just my opinion and it shouldn’t put you off from reading it yourself if you thought it would be an interesting read.

Until next time,



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