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Suicide Squad (2016)

Happy Saturday! The weekend is finally here and with it comes another movie review. I was really excited to see this film (even though I had no clue what it was meant to be about) because the adverts made it seem so good! Unfortunately I had to see it in 3D which I hate because sometimes it means wearing two pairs of glasses and that is not comfortable! However, I was lucky enough to only have to wear the 3D pair this time and even though, to my disappointment, the cinema had no Tango Ice Blast’s, I carried on to my seat.


Suicide Squad looked amazing on the adverts and it didn’t disappoint much at all. It follows a group of criminals – some with powers, some without – in a post Superman world. They have been recruited by the government to be used as soldiers and help destroy bigger threats, only agreeing to because of what they get out of it. It features a lot of well known DC characters such as The Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot as well as some of the more obscure characters. Not to be confused with the Marvel characters, DC’s Suicide Squad explores backstories of criminals and somehow manages to make them almost loveable. It has an absence of conventional superheroes and, in doing so, forces you to focus all your time and energy on the dysfunctional characters in front of you.

With DC launching their new cinematic universe and with such a marmite-like reception from Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad had a lot riding on it. I personally thought this film was brilliant. It had action, suspense, character development and comedy all rolled into one, well made ball of cinema. Jared Leto made an amazing Joker and while people were sceptical about him because it wasn’t the same version as Heath Ledger’s character, I though Leto did justice to this massive character. The Joker is such a hard character to take on because of who he is and what people expect but Leto brought a fresh take to the character and really blew it out of the water. You do have to view him with an open mind as it is a bit different to the traditional Joker but he did an amazing job all the same.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 13.03.29

The characters, for me, were definitely the strongest part of the film. Margot Robbie made a fun Harley Quinn and perfectly mastered the switches between psychotic and sweet. She was also a total badass in the fight scenes and really gave some girl power to the film. The person with the most screen time (or so it seemed) was definitely Will Smith as Deadshot. Some of the other characters seemed to lose out on screen time because they were featuring Will Smith so much and you could tell he was their main focus because of how much they were paying him.

The storyline was good, obviously it was a typical kind of comic set up of a storyline but it still kept interest. I always judge how interesting films are on how much I fidget during them, a boring film equals a lot of fidgeting but this film kept me quite still. I was still, however, until the middle of the film where it felt like it slowed down to a near stop. It got boring and any action that was there stopped. It felt like ages until it started to get interesting again but maybe that’s because my attention span and patience for boring parts is quite small. I can’t really complain much more about the storyline because I knew the base of what was going to happen, after all, they’re all kind of the same when it comes down to structure.


Overall the film was just as good as the adverts made it out to be, if not better. It was enjoyable even for people who didn’t know anything about it and it was fun to watch. The characters were amazing (Team Harley Quinn all the way!) but you could tell Will Smith was being paid a lot because of the amount of screen time he had which was a shame for the other characters in it as they looked pretty interesting too. The Joker didn’t get nearly as much feature time as I thought which was also a massive shame as I would love to see more of Leto’s Joker and more of Leto/Robbie together as the famous Joker and Harley duo. The storyline was your standard, predictable comic book structure (which you have to expect) but they made it interesting by adding some comedy and for me, the response that this film gets is what DC should look at when making their new films. Please don’t make Justice League like Batman vs Superman, DC, please! I’d give this film 4* out of 5 just because of the reasons I stated above. It just had that little bit too much of unbalanced screen time for me but I did enjoy Will Smith’s acting and I would like to see more of the Suicide Squad as a whole. They also add in a Marvel-esque easter egg in after the credits so stay until the end!

Obviously this is all just my opinion and maybe some more diehard DC fans will disagree with some of my points but I really enjoyed this film as an ‘outsider’ to the DC universe and I can’t wait to see what they do with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Justice League. DC, maybe you’ll start to give Marvel a run for its money, who knows?

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