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The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Hello everyone, apologise for the late post this week! I haven’t forgotten about you all though and I’m back with another review. It feels like ages since I last wrote a post but this week has been so busy that it completely slipped my mind that yesterday was Saturday, silly me! Anyway, I’m here and I’ve got another movie review for you! It’s another throwback to a film that’s been out a while and it’s one that I always forget about but then I watch it again and I remember how awesome it is!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is based on a book by Steve Chbosky who also wrote the screenplay for the film. Both the book and the film follow an introverted boy called Charlie (Logan Lerman) who struggles with school and is just trying to get by, he is taken under the wings of Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller) who introduce him to new people and new experiences.


The cast list on this film is full of some massive names so if you’re not sure about the film itself then the cast could definitely sway you. The storyline is quite good and well shown but sometimes it can get a bit hazy, the parts where Charlie has flashbacks seem to get a bit confusing as to where they’re leading and at the end you’re never told exactly why they happen but the reason is implied. I love how the characters gel together and grow, at times you really feel like you’re part of the group and this makes the impact of the film so much better. It has some amazing music on its soundtrack as it’s set in the early 90’s and has some Rocky Horror scenes too (did I need more of a reason to love it?). It may be a film for the younger half of the world but I think anyone could sit through this and understand it (within reason – maybe not your 6 year old cousin). I’m no expert at accents but Emma Watson’s American accent seems pretty convincing to me and she fits right in with everyone rather than sounding out of place. I love the fact that the author of the book decided to get so involved with the film! By writing the screenplay, Steve Chbosky ensured that all the important details from his well loved novel would be in the film which, in turn, made sure that the fans would carry on loving both the book and the film. I know you can’t get all the details from a book into a 1h 42min film but he sure did try his best.

I’ve read the book as well as watching the film and I can safely say that I’m a massive fan of both of them. Perks has undertones of mental health related issues and for some reason I’m always drawn to books and films that have those themes in them. This film for me is definitely up in my top 10. I would give it 4.5* out of 5 just because I like the book a little bit more than the film but having one of your favourite books put into a film and having it become so successful is definitely a bonus. Some people hate it when books are turned into films because they don’t do the book justice and it gets “fake” fans reading the books (whatever that means!) but I love it! I love that people are being introduced to some of my favourite books and then they go out and read them for themselves and I love that you can have a visual aid to your books, something that takes those words and really brings them to life.

I will definitely be doing more book reviews as well as films, don’t think I’ve forgotten about that either! It’s just finding the time at the moment. Saturday/Sunday will always be film review day but half way through the week I will start reviewing books, both new reads and old! I’ll pop food places in between when I can but again, getting out and being able to afford to eat out can be a challenge! Expect more book and film reviews to come your way soon.

Let me know what you want to see! Do you want me to review your favourite film or book? Do you want to see more types of reviews than others? Leave a comment letting me know and I shall do my best to deliver!

Until next time,


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