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Storks (2016)

Hello everybody! I’ve just got back from the cinema so I thought I’d write the review straight away so that I have no excuses for forgetting it! So tonight I went to see Storks which is a film that I was quite excited to see. The trailer made me laugh a lot and it just looked like a good film, despite being a kids film.

Storks is about a stork delivery company that used to deliver babies but now delivers parcels. The film follows Junior (Andy Samberg) and Tulip (Katie Crown) as they try to deliver an accidental baby to a family without being caught which leads to some hilarious situations – just one look at the baby will fill you with so much joy and cuteness that it becomes impossible not to love it. Combatting the baby’s cuteness and other characters that want the baby for various reasons, Junior and Tulip make the journey to the human world.


The first thing I have to say is that this film was hilarious – I didn’t stop laughing throughout the majority of the film. It was funny, it was witty and it was entertaining. I have to say that I didn’t think it would be that great because it is a kids film – as a 21 year old, the thought of watching a U rated film was a bit off-putting but it was strangely captivating.

I thought that all the funny bits would be in the trailer but there were some really good scenes that weren’t and they were some of the funniest ones. The animation was really good, as was the voice acting. The film really blossomed with the help of performances from big names such as Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston and Ty Burrell but everyone in the film was great.

As this was a kids film, it was only 90 minutes long which was plenty of time, if not a bit too long, for things to happen and be resolved. From about 20 minutes in, you can see the way that the story is going and you know exactly how it’s going to end but I think if you were a child, it would be a real adventure. I enjoyed the film as an adult but it wasn’t amazing, I’ve seen better kids films and I’ve also seen worse. Storks will be getting a 2.5* out of a total of 5* from me, this rating is simply because it’s a kids film that I didn’t love. It had it’s good moments but a lot was shown in the trailer and it dragged on a bit so by the end I was itching to leave.

I’m sorry for the super short review but it’s late and my internet is playing up so hopefully this comes out during the night, if not then it should be up Monday morning! I’ve got more film reviews coming, not all are new releases either!

Until next time,


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