2000 · Mabels Midweek Meow-vies

Mabel’s Midweek Meow-vies!

Hello everybody! I know I’ve been away for a while again and I can’t make anymore excuses apart from the fact that I have a new member of the family who needed a lot of attention. I want to introduce my new baby, Mabel! She isn’t a real baby but she’s a beautiful 10 year old cat that I adopted from the local shelter, she also loves cuddling and watching films with me so I thought she should have her own little section for reviewing! Mabel will be helping me review films with animals in because obviously they’re her favourite kind. So below is a picture of my beautiful Miss Mabel, just so you can meet her properly!


She’s been living with me for 2 and a half weeks so far and she’s settled in very well. We sat down the other day and had snuggles and watched our first film together – Hotel For Dogs.

So, Hotel For Dogs is a film that neither of us have seen before and we were really interested in it because it has animals in and it looked really fun. After settling down on the rainy Sunday with a warm drink and a blanket, we popped onto Netflix and started watching.


This film was super duper fun to watch – it was silly, it was sad and it was just a lot of fun! The story follows Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin who are being fostered by a couple who aren’t that nice, the children are also hiding their dog – Friday. When Friday runs off, Andi (Roberts) and Bruce (Austin) search for him and find him in an abandoned hotel where they also find some more furry friends. There’s a lot of mischief that happens and some situations where you think you might actually cry but don’t worry, they’re soon resolved. It’s the perfect film for a rainy day when you’re feeling a bit down about the fact that it’s raining on your day off work!

This film came out when Mabel would have been a tiny 4 month old kitten so she definitely doesn’t remember the trailer for this film unlike myself who was 14… Anyway, I thought this film was great fun and I really enjoyed it. It was everything I loved about films from when I was younger and it really brought back some nostalgia of my childhood which was really nice. I would give this film 3.5 paws out of 5 because it was lovely but it got a bit boring, that’s probably because it’s a kids film though! Read below for Mabel’s thoughts!

Mabel says: This film was okay. I had fun snuggling whilst I watched it but there was a serious lack of cats! I know it said it was a hotel for dogs but that doesn’t mean there should be no cats at all! I’m going to give this film paws out of 5 because I wanted more cats but I enjoyed being able to snuggle and watch the film which was super easy for me to understand.

I hope you enjoyed Mabel’s first review! She enjoyed watching the film and we’ll bring you some more animal related films soon!

Thank you very meow-ch for reading,



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