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Office Christmas Party (2016)

Hello everybody! Today is a special blog post because this film isn’t out for the general public yet! That’s right, with my Cineworld Unlimited Card I get the chance to see a film before it’s actual release date for one night only pretty much every month of the year – I’d have known this sooner if I actually read the newsletters that get emailed to me… Anyway, this is a look into the brand new film Office Christmas Party so expect a few spoilers but I’ll try and keep it as vague as I can so you can still go and see it!

When his uptight CEO sister threatens to shut down his branch, the branch manager throws an epic Christmas party in order to impress and land a big client in order to save the day, but the party gets way out of hand…


So this film was the first ‘holiday’ film I’ve watched this year and it was a little bit different to your average Christmas movie. It was completely outrageous and funny and it kind of made you want to go and party… I wouldn’t say all the best bits were shown in the trailer but the majority of the scenes shown in the trailer seemed to come from the same kind of area of the film. Some of the situations that the characters got into were quite funny too, from T.J. Miller’s party planning to Jennifer Aniston pretending to call Santa to tell him a little girl had been naughty.

The music was a lot of dance music but that’s to be expected, it’s all about a party and like I said before, it kind of made you want to join them and party too. The characters were good but it was the kind of film where you knew what was going to happen most of the time. There were some scenes and character developments that were a bit of a surprise though which was a welcome break from the typical storyline.

I have to say as well that there is nudity, violence and drug misuse in this film as well as strong language, it was rated 15 here in England so it’s probably best to avoid watching it with younger family members or even your parents if you get a bit embarrassed! I was sat next to an old man and his wife in the cinema and felt a bit awkward at times!

So, what is the film really? It’s a comedy film that felt reminiscent of one already out there but I can’t put my finger on what. Maybe it’s a bit The Hangover-esque with all the strange situations they get into or maybe it’s just one of those films that is trying to be funny so it feels like a lot of other ‘trying to be funny’ films and shows. I’m in no hurry to watch it again but maybe I’ll watch it next December if it’s on Netflix or something. I’ll give it a 3* rating just because it was a bit predictable but it was fun to watch and at 1h 45min, it wasn’t a waste of my evening (plus I got a free Santa hat when I went into the screen).

I hope you enjoyed this review, I tried to keep it as vague as possible so it might sound a little rubbish. Let me know what you think in the comments, would you like to see more reviews from these early access film nights?

Until next time,



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